Our approach

Our Approach

Our approach is governed by the following principles:

Energy focus:

We are entirely focused on the European carbon, gas and electricity markets.  We pride ourselves in our careful understanding of the regulatory, financial and operational frameworks of these markets, since we believe that only a knowledge of the details enables a full evaluation of the opportunities and risks, and is often where an investment, strategy or policy succeeds or fails.  Our senior staff all have extensive energy experience, whether from energy companies or previous consulting roles.

Client partnership:

We aim to work in close partnership with our clients.  Where possible, we like to work in an integrated manner with client teams, including, where appropriate, substantial onsite time.  This allows us to maximise the value we add by fully engaging with the business, immersing ourselves in the issues and sharing knowledge and insights.  It also helps to foster the long-term relationships with our clients that we need to be successful.


We aim to approach every engagement as our first – bringing our experience to bear, but always recognising the specific nature of the project and the ever-changing market circumstances. Every project is an opportunity for fresh ideas and innovative approaches.  The Redpoint directors are involved heavily in all our client engagements.

Analytical rigour:

Detailed analysis underpins all the work that we do.  We can deploy a wide range of modelling tools, from price simulation to portfolio optimisation, and from storage valuation to generation investment dynamics.  Through our partner companies, we have access to best-of-breed commercial products where these exist, and we use these alongside an extensive modelling suite developed in-house.  We are constantly developing our analytical capabilities to meet the evolving challenges our clients face, from carbon pricing to the impact of high renewables penetration. The models are supported by our extensive European price and infrastructure databases.