Market analytics


Case study 1

Client: Large Central European utility

Region: Pan-European

Title: Developing pan-European power market modeling capability

We worked with a large player in the evolving Central European power market to assist them in developing their pan-European power market modeling capability.  We developed an extensive model of 29 interconnected power markets and undertook a detailed calibration exercise against historic data to ensure the model was accurately capturing the drivers of price formation and market operation.  The client uses the model on a regular basis to inform strategic planning and investment decisions.

Case study 2

Client: Large Italian utility

Region: Southern Europe

Title: Italian market modelling

A large Italian player commissioned Redpoint to undertake detailed modeling of the Italian power market.  We first calibrated the model to historic outturns and then modeled in detail the interconnected regions of the Italian power market.  The client was particularly focused on understanding the drivers of spot prices in the near term.  Since the analysis was helping to inform future tariff levels, there was much focus on the shape of prices over the next two years.

Case study 3

Client: International technology company

Region: Pan-European

Title: Carbon price model

We worked with an international technology company in developing its understanding of opportunities for its clients to monetise technology-led carbon emissions reductions.  To inform this, a joint Redpoint/client team developed a supply/demand model for the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) as a means to understanding the drivers behind the price of carbon in the European market.  Redpoint focused on designing and developing an overall framework that linked a third party electricity market modelling tool with spreadsheet-based models for the other EU ETS sectors built by the client.