Investment analytics

Investment Analytics

Case study 1

Client: International energy company

Region: North West Europe

Title: Gas production and storage acquisition

Redpoint acted as commercial advisers to Taqa in its successful acquisition of BP’s Netherlands gas production and storage assets.  We co-ordinated the commercial and technical due diligence work, and developed a valuation model for the Dutch operating company.  The model was supported by assessments of a number of potential storage developments utilising stochastic techniques to understand the value of different technical configurations under a range of price and regulatory scenarios.

Case study 2

Client: International renewables developer

Region: UK & Ireland

Title: Modelling service for wholesale electricity and renewables certificate prices

We are engaged by an international renewables developer to assist in the preparation of forward projections of wholesale electricity prices and Renewables Obligation Certificate (ROC) in the Great Britain market.  The client uses the results to support financing of new projects and in the day to day commercial decisions surrounding its business.

Case study 3

Client: Statkraft

Region: Scandinavia

Title: Valuation of a new CCGT and analysis of alternative gas contract structure

We worked with Statkraft to model in detail the dispatch for a new CCGT and to assess alternative gas supply agreements for the plant.  In the absence of a local liquid market for gas, this required co-optimisation of the asset and the contract to assess the value of differing contractual terms (pricing and swing).

Case study 4

Client: IPP Developer

Region: GB and Ireland

Title: Investment analysis of large CCGT

We worked with a project developer and several international banks to model the potential gross margin for a new CCGT in the GB market.  As well as conventional ‘bank scenarios’, we assessed the credit collateral requirements to support the proposed hedging strategy, using a multi-factor forward curve simulation model.  We prepared a detailed market report to include within an Information Memorandum. 

Case study 5

Client: International energy company

Region: GB and Ireland

Title: Gas storage project investment analysis

For an energy company considering an investment in a salt cavern storage project in the UK, we developed a valuation of the proposed facility.  We used the model to consider different technical configurations, the commercial consequences of potential development risks, and to understand the impact of a range of scenarios for the evolution of gas prices and volatility.  Our overall discounted cashflow model was supported by the use of a specific storage modelling tool to provide a full assessment of the extrinisic value of the facility, a key element for a fast cycle project.

Case study 6

Client: Various

Region: Central Europe

Title: Green Certificate modeling

We have been retained by several investors and developers to model the Green Certificate market in Poland.  We have built upon our extensive knowledge of the thermally-dominated wholesale market to develop a detailed Green Certificate model.  The model accurately captures the regulatory and policy framework for renewables in Poland, as well as reflecting the potential renewable energy in Poland through technology-specific supply curves.  We have prepared a number of detailed due diligence reports for sponsors and investors.