Careers at Redpoint

Advisors at the heart of energy industry change

Redpoint is at the heart of advising on and helping to deliver a once in a generation change in European power, gas and carbon markets. This change is being driven by the convergence of policies focused on decarbonisation, large scale investment in power, gas and infrastructure assets and energy market reforms to incentivise delivery of the investments required, set against a backdrop of new technologies across the industry supply chain that are enabling new innovative ways to deliver secure, low carbon and affordable energy supplies.  The next few years will be a critical period during which key market reforms will be implemented and tested, when investment decisions will be made and begin to be realised and as a result of which our energy future will be determined.
At this exciting time for the industry, Redpoint is seeking exceptional candidates at all levels to join us in helping our clients which include governments, utilities, energy companies, regulators, lenders and energy technology companies to respond to and to drive these major changes in energy markets.

What do we look for?

In order to join Redpoint you will be fascinated and excited by energy markets, full of initiative, and keen to be involved in growing a small, dynamic company. You will have excellent analytical skills, and be adept at data handling, analysis and modelling techniques. You will work well as part of a team, be flexible and adaptable, and be keen to work with clients, often on site at locations in the UK and across Europe.  You will be looking forward to helping clients innovate in energy markets, and understand the rapidly changing regulatory and commercial environments.  You will be using your skills in developing and applying techniques for solving problems in asset and contract valuation and optimisation, risk management, and regulation.
We recruit from a wide variety of backgrounds and seek high quality talent of whatever academic or industry background.  For example, our team is comprised of economists, engineers, chemists, physicists, quantitative analysts, operations researchers, power project developers, regulatory and competition specialists, amongst others.

Working at Redpoint Energy

Redpoint has been at the heart of energy policy and energy market change over the last 6 years, working extensively with DECC and Ofgem, as well as the CCC.  Redpoint’s private sector engagements include developing investment, risk and operational strategies for major utilities, due diligence on acquisitions, preparation of market reports and information memoranda to support financing, and development of energy sector analytical toolkits
Our strategic differentiation lies in being able to combine seamlessly our understanding across each of these service lines, bringing our experience in each area to bear on our work in the others.  Our work is delivered with energy and fresh perspectives and underpinned by rigorous analysis and in-depth knowledge of energy and related sectors. What makes Redpoint unique and what do we look for?

- Analytical rigour at the core of our work
- Independence of our advisory work and analysis
- Problem solvers with a culture of intellectual curiosity to solve the difficult questions our clients ask us
- Bespoke high value work
- Thought leaders and trusted advisor to both the private sector and regulators/governments
- A culture of working collaboratively with our clients to provide unique solutions and maximising the value from our engagement